I never thought I’d feel relief to be back in the fort in Seftrel, surrounded by human and neftir officers, but I did. The surviving kids back in their homes, we gathered to discuss next steps. Prince Zif looked at me and said, “Tell us what happened please, Ofeldar.”

“I won’t bore you with the fighting our way out,” I began. “Apparently Captain Hundle had been duped into thinking he could get his child back by helping the credarils capture me.”

“You believe this whole kidnapping of children tactic was to get to you?” asked Zif.

“Me and other people Rangdor fears. The sorcerers told me Rangdor is trying to take potential commanders off the field, the ones with reputations. They arrogantly felt sure I would never escape,” I answered.

“This has to mean the child of prophecy is close to being revealed,” said Tendelbro. “We have to warn the others.”

“Do we even know who they all are?” asked Zif.

“You and Ofeldar are two of them,” answered Tendelbro. “You are legendary for your mountain command skills, Prince Zif, and Ofeldar has proven herself as well, in many conflicts. This escape from the credarils will only enhance that. Those kids she rescued couldn’t stop talking about her killing credarils in the dark, without being able to see them.”

“The other two I know of are Aquendar of Concrof and Sir Xalt of Polentair,” I said. “If we warn them, they may know others to pass the warning on. I’m sure the mendar, thrandrils and endarils are all aware of the prophetic birth.”

“And safe in their enchanted homes,” said Zif. “I will have messages sent to Aquendar and Xalt. From now on I’ll approach each encounter as an attempt to kill me.”

“I am going to disappear and be near where I expect this prophetic warrior to appear. If Rangdor wants to kidnap and kill children to get my attention, he’s going to get my skills used against him,” I said.

“The credarils retreated with the death of their sorcerers and the neftir have secured the tunnels. The attacks won’t come from there. I’ll make sure my fellow commanders are informed of this new effort by Rangdor,” said Tendelbro.

“Since their failure to capture Ofeldar the xadineft have begun migrating north, in huge packs. We’ve harried some of them over the last two nights, but they come in numbers from as far south as the thrandril haven. That doesn’t mean I’m safe, but it does confirm what the sorcerers said, that Rangdor believes his last battle is coming,” said Zif. “I will prepare Seftrel to be there when that happens.”

I stood. “Then let us get to it.” The others all stood as well and just like that, the meeting was over. I returned to my rooms, packed, and headed for Polentair, the kingdom closest to the endaril’s hidden valley.

First 2 volumes

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